• Sheryl S.

Choosing "Yes" and "Love"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I did not set out to read two books in a row by extremely successful TV writers (Shonda Rhimes and Kristin Newman, respectively) but the universe can pull you in a direction when you may not be paying attention.

Without revealing too much, the “Year of Yes,” and “What I was Doing While you Were Breeding” are two entertaining books that both seem to have the same message. Choose “yes” and “love,” and all sorts of good will follow. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is much easier said than done. But this is where sometimes the best experiences happen and we learn the most. So if you have been saying "no" to solo travel, these just might get you to change your mind.

"The Practical Guide to Solo Travel" 
(working title -- book in progress)

This compact-sized guide will be your one-stop-shop for practical travel advice as you prepare and head out on your next adventure.


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