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  • Sheryl S.

Is Group Travel Right for You?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Since one of the most widely cited benefits of solo travel is “freedom” to do what one wants and when, it makes sense, that the opposite of this would be true for traveling in groups. Compromising will be required, likely from the planning stages all the way to grabbing your luggage at the end of the journey. After a year of being sequestered alone during a pandemic, there may be many reasons to venture out with pals when the time is right. Listed below are five pros to consider whether sharing an adventure with either life-long friends, family, or strangers is for you.

1. Shared Memories – If you’re traveling with people that you know, it is bonding to have the same experience and then reminisce about it later together.

2. New Friends – Oftentimes when spending your days and evenings with the same lot of people, eating, drinking, and sightseeing, you may very well be making new friends for life.

3. Safety in Numbers – Human nature as it is, people just don’t get harassed as often as a lone traveler.

4. Cost Savings – More people equal more money, and numerous businesses (hotel, tour groups, airlines, and more) will offer discounts to people who are traveling with others. Another advantage: you won’t encounter that extra fee for booking on your own.

5. Delegating – Not everyone loves every aspect of planning a solo trip. It can be exhausting when you have other responsibilities to tend to during the day. Splitting tasks from pre-planning (deciding where/when to go), planning (researching airfare and lodging), and then coordinating while on your trip (choosing restaurants and group activities), can ease some of the stress and let you enjoy the destination!

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