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  • Sheryl S.

Navigating International Airports

Landing at a foreign airport can be overwhelming! Hopefully, you will be filled with excitement and wonder like a kid in a candy store. In reality, it may feel more like Las Vegas with lots of people, lights, confusing slot machines, and you may be unsure which way to head. There are usually separate lines for local, national folks, and then for foreigners—likely, this means “you!” Try not to panic. Have your passport handy at this point because you will need to show it multiple times. Even when you have literally moved less than 5’ from one table to another. These are the moments in travel where “going with the flow” is very important. And you will eventually get to either your connecting flight or out to begin your adventure.

Tip: when traveling internationally, often you will be boarding the plane like our presidents—outside and up a flight of metal stairs. Make sure you are in sensible walking shoes, clothes (I almost had a “Marilyn Monroe” moment on a recent flight to Beijing), and that you can lift your carry-on by yourself.

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