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Packing - COVID-Style

The essential packing list above still holds true, but during a worldwide pandemic, it’s necessary to add a few more things to your list. Of course, these are merely suggestions from a blogger to a reader. Please also check with health experts along with the CDC as recommendations are updated frequently.

· Masks (cloth, disposable)

· Face Shield (for planes, trains, and other automobiles if you are traveling with others)

· Compact hand sanitizer (2-3)

· Disposable gloves

· Lysol wipes

· Non-perishable snacks

· Thermometer

· OTC Pain Relievers

· Oximeter (I never knew what this was before COVID-19; a quick reading can measure how well oxygen is binding to red blood cells.)

· Toilet Paper

· Paper Towels

· Ziploc Bags

· Soap (if camping, and just to be on the safe side)

· Water/Water Bottles (be sure to find out what the latest regulations are for bringing liquids on planes).

Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic’s Web Site for suggestions as well. Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota, but they are a trusted resource for me. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-safe-travel-advice/art-20486965

Add your suggestions in the Comments section.

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