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  • Sheryl S.

Who Travels Alone?

Apparently nearly nine million people, each year, according to a recent study conducted by Booking.Com. So, who are these people you ask? Women, just like you, with Baby Boomers leading the way. Check out these statistics!

Solo Female Travel Statistics

  • 84% of all sole travelers are women.

  • 72% of American women are choosing to take a trip on their own.

  • 65% of US women have taken a vacation without their partner.

  • 54 is the average age of the female solo traveler.

  • Women are likely to take three trips or more in a year.

So why are so many women leaving their “other half” home while they venture out on their own? Read below for plenty of good reasons!

Why travel by yourself?

  • 46% said the reason for traveling solo was because of the freedom and independence it provides.

  • 22% said it allowed them not to wait around for others.

  • 15% wanted to challenge themselves and help improve their confidence.

Some other reasons that I have heard to just “go,” include:

♥ Feeding your soul

♥ Volunteering

♥ Meeting other people that share your same interests

♥ Writing, keeping a journal, or working on other creative forms of expression

♥ Checking destinations off your bucket list

♥ Engaging in self-discovery and learning about yourself

♥ Understanding different cultures / learning new languages

♥ Coping with a loss

Personally, I find that traveling alone allows the time and space for my mind to be calm and wander without the daily routine of cooking, cleaning, working, and walking the dog (as much as I love him!). It is often in these unplanned moments that the best experiences or lifelong decisions can be found.

What is your reason?

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